Hello from FacebookBot!

Facebook Bot is allows for completely automated control of your Facebook profile.

FacebookBot allows you to destroy or improve Facebook via:


You can obtain the hot-off-the-press-brand-spanking-new FacebookBot and loads of pretty examples from !


FacebookBot is provided to you kindly under the MIT license. A copy of the MIT license can be found in the LICENSE file.


I‘m sure as you probably could have guessed, Facebook doesn‘t exactly take too kindly to you running bots. So, take this warning: _Facebook can, and probably will, disable your account for using this program._


FacebookBot is just a simple Ruby program. So, obviously you‘ll need ruby installed. It would probably be a good idea if you actually knew ruby too. However, there is at least one module you should probably install, if you want the program to work.

Here‘s a list:

Wasn‘t that a short list? The following should already be installed, but are also used rigorously:

To install these, you can try `gem install gemnamehere` — worked for me!


Please use FacebookBot for good, not evil. We don‘t want another MySpace on our hands. Look at the EXAMPLES file for examples.


You can try emailing me. Or maybe ask a kind neighbor? A friend from the past? An ex-lover? You can also check out the FacebookBot Rubyforge page, located at

Enjoy, and don‘t forget your smile!

Contact the lovely guy who made this for y‘alls

Chris McClelland:mcclelland at NOSPAMPLEASE rubyforge dot org